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temperatures are up 57. mountain view and redwood city and sfo your morning industry tech that. sfo picking up a south wind. so temperatures will stay on the mild side today as the whole system swings in. if you are under the weather, you picked a great day to stay home and get better. it will be a day that we get decent rain through saturday. not a whopper of a system. over all temperatures today will be in the upper 50s or low 60s. rain will go light to moderate. maybe pockets of heavy. breezy to windy at times. here is sal. we are off to a decent start. as we mentioned as soon as the wet weather moves through it is usually correlated with more collisions and we will be watching for that. right now it's mostly dry as
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you look at interstate 880 the traffic does look good. the drive time between downtown oakland and the hazenburger exit is not that much. also looking at the commute at the toll plaza to less than ten minutes your drive into san francisco from the toll plaza. interstate 580 coming into the altamont pass the traffic looks good. i want to show you something, 580 the drive time between grant line road and 680 is about 20 minutes. it's never this light. well i guess it is over night. so we will see that drive time go up on a normal day. if it rains it might quadruple or go higher than that. 4:31 let's go back to the desk. a strong storm is now moving into the bay area. the rain and wind is expected to really pick up later today. ktvu tara moriarty is on storm watch this morning in sonoma county. tara, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning.
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when you wake up this morning you should notice cloudy skies, light rain. nothing too bad as steve mentioned. we are here in the north bay that should receive the brunt of the storm. a driver should also expect gusty winds so take it easy across the bridges. the chp is warning drivers to check their tire treads and pressure. the wet forecast brought in a steady stream of customers into the ace hardware store on university avenue. tarps, rain gear, and drainage pipes all in high demand and some in low supply. >> people started coming in yesterday and today. sol it's kind of like the hype oh is it really going to happen? i need to stockpile now. >> reporter: the number of sandbags also dwindling. moderate to heavy showers are not expected to kick in until noon. we could see some thunderstorms up to three inches of rain in the valley, up to seven in the mountains. thursday it should taper off but we will let you know when
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it will pick up again. >> a reminder you can down load our new ktvu weather app to help you get through the series of storms. it has realtime radar and weather alerts to keep you up to date right on your android smart phone or iphone. firefighters are trying to clear a massive tree that toppled over in the middle of the night. the tree fell on top of top vehicles and a home on seventh avenue. these are live prick curs of the scene. a few minutes ago crews finished cutting the tree up. the first emergency call came in around 2:45 this morning. crews from the san bruno and millbrae fire departments ever. there are no reports of any injuries this morning. it's unclear what caused the tree to fall. it was not rainy or windy at the time either. ktvu reporter alex savidge just arrived on the scene and we'll
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have a live report at the top of the hour. now to our continuing coverage of the california drought. despite today's impending rainstorm, the call to conserve is growing much louder. last night the santa clara valley water district voted to ask customers to cut water use by 20%. that is up from 10% last month. the district is also digging deeper into ground water supplies. the situation statewide is the worst they have ever seen. >> it gets harder every drought because we already have that low flush toilet. we already have our low shower head or whatever. >> here are the local conservation numbers. they asked for a 10% reduction. customers are using less water. official numbers come out next week. marin's water district asked for a 25% reduction. usage there down 17% compared to a similar week last february. and east bay mud urged 10% cut.
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usage there dropped nearly 4.5%. nasa took these photos of folsom lake. hard to believe. this is near sacramento. the last picture taken in 2011 when the lake was at 97% capacity. now take a look at the picture on your right. this is at 17% capacity. california will use nasa technology to form better forecasts and information on drought conditions. time is 4:35. and voluntary water cut backs in santa cruz are mandatory. the city council declared a water shortage emergency. it wants people to reduce over all water usage by 25%. people will be charged for $50 for each unit of water. water delivery will also be cut to large landscape customers. businesses will not be rationed unless the drought gets worse. a large palm tree is being
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removed from a walnut creek home and transplanted to the foot of the new bay bridge. the homeowner had originally planned to spend $3,000 to have the tree removed because it was growing too close to the house. but then the bay area bridge sub contractor paid $1,000 for the tree to be part of the bridge's landscaping project. >> they can withstand the harsh weather and conditions out here. they can stand up to the salt air and the wind and the fog. >> once removed the tree will go to a holding yard in river side so it can be checked for disease. if it's given the okay the walnut creek tree will be one of 22 additional palms planted in the median. happening today protestors in the bay area will join others across the country to mark the anniversary of a deadly shooting in florida. two years ago today
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neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman shot and killed an unarmed african american teenager. a jury acquitted zimmerman of all charges in the shooting death of trayvon martin. protos -- protestors will gather in several cities. the garden outside of police headquarters is lasting tribute to the two officers killed in the line of duty exactly one year ago. ceremony follows a public candle light vigil in honor of detective elizabeth butler. and sergeant bush baker. >> i miss my best friend. he is my hero. my mom and him always call ours the three amigos. i miss having that. >> a sexual assault suspect shot and killed the two officers when they came to the door of his home to question him. that suspect was killed a short
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time later in a shootout with santa cruz police. arizona governor jan brewer is facing increasing pressure toughie toe what is seen -- to veto what is seen as an antigay bill. governor brewer has until mid on saturday to veto the bill, sign it, or do nothing and it will become law. feelings are strong on both sides of the issue. >> i would hope the governor would step up to the plate and do the right thing and veto this bill now. not wait until the end of the week. >> this isn't an issue of discrimination. this is an issue of having people's values respected. >> the bill was prompted by legal cases against businesses where religious owners denied services to lesbian or gay couples seeking to hold a
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marriage ceremony. meantime apple, american airlines, delta airlines, yelp, pet smart, at & t and marriott have all come out against the measure. collins is the first openingly gay player. he made his season debut over the weekend with the brooklyn nets wearing the number 46. shepard was a student at the university of wyoming when he was killed in a hate crime back in 1998. prosecutors say he was targeted for being gay. san leandro police are warning people about burglars posing as utility workers. we talked to one victim who did not want to be identified. she says the burglars claim to represent the water company and needed to check their homes and pipes.
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>> i called the police first and then i called my son. >> investigators say the thieves are two men and a woman. they communicate by walky talky. therd most recent burglary happened on saturday. there is also a new investigation into the petaluma slaughter house at the center of a massive recall. bay area congressman jared huff man says the u.s. attorney's office is look into accusations that rancho feeding corporation tried to deceive inspectors. according to the source in the chronicle, the slaughter house bought animals with eye cancer and tried to make them appear healthy. earlier this month they ordered the company to recall nine million pounds of meat. time is 4:40. it was a close call far teenager who fell more than 200 feet off a cliff. the sheriffs department says yesterday afternoon 17-year-old tyler grandee and a friend were
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moving a picnic table when he slipped. he and the picnic table stumbled down the steep embankment. the chp used a helicopter and rescue harness to rescue him. >> i'm grateful that he is resilient and bounces like a ball. >> his mother says his only injuries were a gash to the head and some cuts and bruises on his legs. very lucky indeed. 4:41 is the time. after a five year hiatus san jose may have a fourth of july fire works show once again. the illegal activity the city is trying to stop. >> it's one ranking you don't want to be the first on. state that has just been called the most miserable in america. >> good morning. right now we do have traffic that is doing pretty well around the bay area. if you look at the east shore freeway a car ran into the guardrail and apparently somebody is injured.
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they are sending more fire department medics to the scene. we'll tell you more about this straight ahead. >> cloudy right now and very light rain. we'll see if we can get to the morning commute. but there is some on the way. we'll talk about that and rain totals coming up.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 4:45 is the time. there are fewer air marshalls on commercial flights. fewer plain closed officers are protecting aircrafts from terrorists. according to a homeland security e-mail obtained by cnn. the agency is reducing staff by not replacing workers who retire or leave for other reasons but homeland security won't say how many positions have been eliminated. the agency has lost more than $160 million to budget cuts in the last three years. a farm in -- a family in san diego is suing petco after their son died from a bacterial
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infection that he got from a bite from his pet rat. the san diego county medical examiner's officers ruled the cause of death with rat bite fever. petco released a statement saying it is deeply saddened by the family's tragic loss. aaron hernandez could face more charges after a jailhouse fight. he is being held at the bristol county house of corrections in massachusetts. according to reports another inmate had been verbally harassing hernandez all dailies. and when they came into contact in a secured hallway a fight broke out. both men are facing assault charges. state lawmakers in colorado are considering a crack down on cyber bullying. they are debating a bill designed to protect teenagers from hateful messages on the internet. it would make it a crime to bully someone using a text message or on a social media
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platform. yesterday colorado lawmakers heard from several teenagers who said they had been bullied to the point of wanting to commit suicide. >> they would message me and tell me that no one likes me and they would prefer me dead. >> i wouldn't talk to anyone. i would talk to my mom. i was enclosed in my room. i felt really alone. >> the cyber bullying bill has already cleared its first hurdle in colorado. a new law here in california gives more school leaders power to stop cyber bullying. according to usa today the state is the most miserable in the country. that is after a gallop poll that interviewed more than 176,000 people. then compiled together the answers to take a create a list of the ten most miserable states. the rest of the list looks like
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this. kentucky second most miserable state. followed by mississippi, alabama, and ohio. and in case you were wondering the least miserable state in the country is north dakota. california is the 17th least miserable state. >> i have never been to any of those states but i hear ohio is okay. i don't know. >> they are certainly more affordable than california. >> that is for sure. time is 4:48. let's go to sal. he is never miserable. >> try not to look smug here in beautiful bay area california. >> we pay for it though. >> we do. [ laughter ] >> good morning, everybody. let's take a look at what we have now. as pam, brian, and steve and everybody has been mentioning it will rain today and that means the traffic is going to be effected. if you look at that crash, east 80 on the albany hill, a car ran into the guardrail but ended up on the right shoulder. medics are there you can see the flashing lights but you can also see it's not having a huge effect on the traffic.
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might have a brake light or two as you drive past the fire engines. that is about it. traffic on 80 westbound is moving well. at one point there was debris from the accident in the westbound lanes but that has been cleared away. also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza your drive time here is ten minutes or a little less than that. going into san francisco. i try to be conservative when i give the drive times so you are not surprised. but it is less than 10 minutes for getting across that span. also looking at the drive time from grant line road to 680 on 580, it is 20 minutes. and on 580 farther from high street to 980 it is five. we do have light rain. the main core of this is back here. this is where all the development is taking place. the core the jet, the nose of the jet is enhancing that.
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this will be late morning, early afternoon. that is really when the core of this comes through. doesn't mean we might get light rain in the morning. not much in the way in. this is generally light. you might want to see the darker green. we still have a ways to go. back here starting to look impressive. there could be bursts of moderate to heavy rain. the rain almost pick up later on. it is a good system. let's not kid ourselves it is a good one. we are just getting the leading edge of it right now. 50 to 57. it's a really mild pattern. the breeze has picked up. it will be a breezy, cloudy, rainy day. some gusts around 20-25. should turn almost all south, southeast here as the system approaches. and yes it looks good. it is swinging in. there is a lot of energy here. the core of the jet. there will be a lot of development taking place right back in here. between now and 9:00. you will see impressive
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development. it all leads to more heavier rain this afternoon. so just so you know. amounts could be pretty good to not bad. half inch to two to three. some of the areas santa cruz mountains, coastal hills russian river between now and tomorrow morning. it's a good system. it's not one we have seen before. rain moves in. the wind picks up. we will get a break on thursday. the next system coming in on friday. we will give us wind and some rain. also up in the sierra nevada they have a winter weather advisory. snow levels start off high and come down. the window might be over the passes could be a real dicey pattern. rain is on the way. breezy to windy. upper 50s and low 60s. and we get two systems here. one today. possibility of thundershowers. no doubt about it later on today. there is instability with this system. ly go with showers in the morning. generally a drier day. friday is one more system. sunday looks pretty good. >> thank you, steve.
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when it starts raining where you are, we want to see your photos of the storm, you can e-mail them to us at news tips -- at time is 4:51. it is a story of survival, hope and recovery. an east bay teenager paralyzed from a stray bullet talks about her ordeal. >> and bay area companies competing to cut gas emissions. what it takes to win the great race for clean air.
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speaking out art her terrifying ordeal for the first time. the tragic story made headlines shortly before christmas. she was watching a movie a richmond home with her stepfather when they heard gunfire outside. she felt alterable pain in her legs as they dove to the floor. >> it felt like to me they were going asleep. they slowly felt from normal to going to asleep to i couldn't feel them. i was panicking pretty bad. >> dominique has since moved out of richmond and into a new apartment in sacramento with her boyfriend. she is now making plans to attend community college.
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dominique is also determined to walk again with the help of leg braces. san jose police say they have arrested two people in connection to a deliberate hit and run. 24-year-old andrew is under arrest for suspicion of murder. investigators say it began with a gang related confrontation at the capital flee market on february 16th. the fight later resumed at the intersection of smell avenue and capital expressway where one person was stabbed and two others were hit by a car. one of the hit and run victims died at the scene. police are still looking for a car. that is described as a charcoal color 2008 mercedes benz. time is 4:55. archaeologists plan to examine the site of the new transbay terminal after remains of a nay
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tiff american were found. the discovery was made yesterday morning 60 feet under ground at the fremont street site. the coroner confirmed the remains are native american. now the native american heritage commission is appointing a most likely descendent to determine if the remains will be removed. a man and woman walking their dog came across a buried treasure. they spotted rusted canisters that were buried. when they pulled them out of the ground they discovered hundreds of gold coins from the 18th century. >> i could see the coin underneath was perfect. as if it had been struck yesterday. i have never seen anything like it in my life. >> check this out. the coins are valued at $10 million. and will go up for auction in may. that will be sold on the kegan website and amazon as well. great race for clean air
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starts on saturday. it's a competition between companies that encourages employees to commute using van pools, car pools, public transit or bikes. it runs from march 1st to april 30th and this is the contest's fourth year. more than 50 businesses have registered so far this year. winning teams will be chosen based on who had the highest co2 savings and highest average of clean commute days. coming up in our 5:00 hour the bay area getting ready for a good soaking with the incoming storm. the precautions in the south bay community that they are taking to protect homes that have been flooded in the past. >> after a big scare earlier this month on the uc berkeley campus a new case of measles. where it was reported and how you can protect yourself. >> looking at some progress in that crash on the east shore looks like it is gone now and traffic is moving along very nicely as you drive past 80 at the albany hill. we'll tell you more about traffic times and drive times around the bay. >> a lot of cloud cover, not
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much rain yet but it is on its way. we'll see if we can get throughout morning commute with not much rain. plus the wind will be picking up as well.
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scary moment for a family here in san brew now early this
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morning as a huge tree branch comes crashing down on their home while they are sleeping inside. we'll show you the damage that was done out here. >> we are live on the pips la waiting for the rain to come. preparations are under way in one city. we'll tell you why there is concern there and why they have crews on stand by. >> mother nature is flirting with us with a little bit of light rain but there is heavier rain. >> plus making sure fallen police officers are never forgotten. what is happening later today in santa cruz. good morning. thank you for joining us. rain just moving in but boy we are following developing news from the peninsula already. this is a live picture in san bruno where a massive tree fell down. it fell on to two cars and a hole and

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